2021 Goals and Resolutions


Are you making plans for 2021 yet?

Are you ready to put 2020 behind you?

Are you trying to decide on the new year’s goals and resolutions?

Planning, preparing, praying, making changes, and seeking growth are ALL wonderful things. I am not against any of that.

As ready as you may be to leave 2020 behind, if you’re not careful, you’ll spend all of 2021 in a state of comparison. Always comparing 2021 to 2020. This is not where your focus should be. Even worse, we get caught up in comparing ourselves to others.

Do your New Year’s goals and resolutions sound anything like “keep my home clean like Sarah.” Or “Be a fun mom like Lindsey.” I pray they don’t.

I am ALL for growth and change. There is NOTHING wrong with that. As long as it’s healthy.

Getting your focus shifted to Sarah’s home and Lindsey’s parenting is…

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Author: andyinotago

53/m/NZ (Dunedin, NZ)

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