New York City Erects Satanic Statue on City Courthouse to Promote Abortion

( Micaiah Bilger, Jan 25, 2023 A new, golden idol to abortion stands on top of a New York City courthouse this month, a reminder of the religiosity with which abortion activists defend the mass slaughter of babies in the womb. The “NOW” statue also hints at the satanic: a naked, golden woman with braids […]

New York City Erects Satanic Statue on City Courthouse to Promote Abortion

Cost of living reaches epic highs in UK, “widespread civil unrest” looming

(Natural News) It is becoming so expensive to live and even just survive in the United Kingdom these days that the prospect of “widespread civil unrest,” according to one campaigner, is becoming more real by the day. The situation in Sri Lanka, a third world country, is about to spill over into what was once one of […]

Cost of living reaches epic highs in UK, “widespread civil unrest” looming

Farmers across EU rise up against tyrannical “green” mandates that threaten food supply

(Natural News) Footage of farmers across Europe taking to the streets against policies that threaten the world’s food supply went viral on social media. The radical policies imposed by the European Union sought to slash carbon emissions by more than half come 2030. Dutch farmers have protested for weeks against Amsterdam’s plan to forcibly close farms. The […]

Farmers across EU rise up against tyrannical “green” mandates that threaten food supply

The Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Are you getting enough sleep? If not, you may want to start sleeping naked. Sleeping naked has many health benefits, from improving your sleep quality to improving your skin. Learn more about the health benefits of sleeping naked and how to get started in this post. Improves Sleep Quality Many factors can impact the quality […]

The Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Preparing for the Reality of Financial Collapse

By: Joseph Mercola STORY AT-A-GLANCE Financial experts and insiders have, for well over a decade, warned that a collapse of the U.S. currency is a mathematical inevitability, and this collapse will have global ramifications, as the dollar is the world’s reserve currency U.S. inflation is currently at 8.3%, but in some markets, it’s in the […]

Preparing for the Reality of Financial Collapse

CDC just issued Level 2 travel alert on monkeypox; Level 3 coming in June and will likely restrict travel of Americans

The new pandemic is monkeypox. The first cases of infection. Smallpox is a dangerous disease. A dangerous infection is spreading all over the world. Monkeypox outbreak. (Natural News) Just as many predicted would happen, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is ratcheting up the fear over monkeypox, which appears to be the globalists’ […]

CDC just issued Level 2 travel alert on monkeypox; Level 3 coming in June and will likely restrict travel of Americans

Red Flags, Sirens, Warnings! Prepare!!!

Commentary By:  Gordon King We are being inundated with red flag warnings on a daily basis, warnings of severe food shortages, famine, rising inflation, economic collapse, shortages of goods and services, the list goes on.  But how many people are awake and taking notice, how many are preparing for it? I often warn people of […]

Red Flags, Sirens, Warnings! Prepare!!!

What is Commonly Reported Among You?

“It is reported commonly that there is fornication among you, and such fornication as is not so much as named among the Gentiles, that one should have his father’s wife.” ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭5:1‬ ‭KJV‬‬ Paul, led of the Holy Spirit, wrote to the Corinthians to address a sin problem. First, we see here that sin […]

What is Commonly Reported Among You?

Realistic Expectations and Changes in Marriage.


Realistic expectations and changes in marriage

Did you know that the person you married is not perfect? If you have not realized it yet, you will soon. That’s okay though because you aren’t either. Sometimes we get married and think that we have married the perfect person and that love is all we need to make this thing work out. Your spouse is perfect for YOU. However, neither of you are perfect humans. Trials will come, tempers will flare, frustrations will occur. If you hold onto unrealistic views of your spouse that they are perfect, the first time there’s a letdown or misunderstanding, you will be heartbroken and can even come to the point of resenting your spouse and questioning your marriage. How you handle these issues is the most important thing to focus on. Remember that while your spouse is not perfect, they love you, and you must communicate…

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Our Ministry of Health withdraws its own recent advice to Doctors because it misrepresents Government segregation Policy.

The Govt keep changing the goalposts

Lee Vandervis

Thursday,9 December 2021

Paper Vandervis used often misrepresented: MoH

    ByGrant Miller91468

    1. News
    2. Dunedin

    Lee VandervisLee Vandervis. PHOTO: ODT FILESA document Dunedin city councillor Lee Vandervis relied on to argue against Covid-19 vaccine passes was revised by the Ministry of Health because of its use — or misuse — by anti-vaccination groups.

    The ministry had told health professionals in mid-November that, when there was high vaccination coverage, transmission of the disease was “more likely to occur from a vaccinated than an unvaccinated individual”.

    Version 2.0 had no such phrase, although it continued to argue denying access to healthcare on the basis of vaccination status would be unacceptable.

    Cr Vandervis, who was served a trespass notice this week after he tried to attend a council meeting without a vaccine pass, suggested the council had fostered misconceptions about transmission rates and had mischaracterised the Pfizer vaccine’s effectiveness.

    Ministry of Health chief…

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    Crypto coin, is this the new currency of the future?

    I have decided to get into this, yes I know it’s probably a bit late compared to many others.

    But if u have been like me, and hummed & he’d, here’s an opportunity to get a free $25 for giving it a go.

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    DCC Debt ceiling to be RAISED AGAIN over a Billion$ by another $200 million

    Lee Vandervis

    What has Dunedin got to show for its ballooning debt, other than ballooning rates increases always many times the rate of inflation?
    Ballooning DCC staff numbers? and what else?…/council-set-hoist-borrowing…

    We should promote local businesses, stop the ludicrous spending, stop the $60 million George st/Exchange ‘surface treatments’ which is code for turning the City Centre into another cycleway, stop the $10 million park and ride experiment and the other $10 million for ‘way-finding’ carparks instead of making them, stop colouring our roads, reverse the recent massive increase in DCC staff numbers, and then there are another 100+ ways to save money as below:

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    By Faith, Not Sight


    Matthew 20:29-34.

    Two blind men are calling out to Jesus as He passes by them.

    These men can’t see. They can’t see the crowd, Jesus, the disciples, or the miracles that Jesus had already performed. They can hear, though. They hear the crowd, and evidently they have heard of Jesus and of the miracles Jesus has performed. They knew exactly who they were calling out to.

    Do you?

    When you are calling out to God in prayer, do you really stop to consider Who it is you are talking to? The Creator of the universe, the One who holds all things in His hands, the One who died for you. The Almighty God that is I AM. THAT is who you are coming before with your requests, needs, and concerns. The One who is able. The Alpha and Omega that has invited you into His throne room for help in…

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    When Satan Came to Eve


    Genesis 3:1 the serpent shows up. This was Satan, in the form of a serpent, coming with one agenda: to deceive.

    His agenda has not changed. He still seeks to deceive and destroy.

    The first thing he asks puts God’s command in a negative light. “Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?” Essentially, yes, this is what God said. There was ONE tree they were not to eat from. Just one. The way Satan presents this question is as if God is holding out on them. Satan is still doing this, by the way.Twisting what God says to make us think we deserve more, that God is being unfair.

    Verse 2 Eve responds, but she adds to God’s command. She tells Satan they are not to touch the fruit of the tree. This was not true. Adding boundaries to what God says does…

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    5 Reasons Why A Writer Needs Readers

    Yeah, yeah, I know the title implies writers need readers and I believe it is true, even though writing is mostly a solo career. But why do writers need readers? Why writers cannot live solely in their own small bubble? Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash 1) Because writers need outside motivations as well Yes, […]

    5 Reasons Why A Writer Needs Readers